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Super-Krete S-1400 Pene-Krete Additive (for portland cement) is a non-hazardous liquid additive formulated to create a chemical reaction within portland cement-based products. The addition of Pene-Krete Additive enhances the concrete’s natural hydration process by prolonging the hydration of the cementing materials and increasing workability.

The addition of Pene-Krete Additive mixed with any portland cement-based products such as, but not limited to, concrete, plaster, precast concrete, gunite and block, will densify the substrate, increase its structural strength, and encapsulate and expel excess alkali, lime and other contaminants from within the substrate. When concrete is treated, its capillary pores are reduced in both size and number and the concrete becomes dramatically less porous. After its reaction, Pene-Krete Additive fills all remaining pores and capillaries with long, needle-like crystals throughout the concrete mass. The resulting concrete is less permeable to the migration of water or waterborne chemicals.

Pene-Krete Additive can increase compressive strength up to 23% depending on the amount and quality of the portland cement contained in the mix design. The addition of Pene-Krete Additive reduces the acceleration of portland cement-based materials and reduces curing cracks substantially. Concrete is overall improved when using Pene-Krete Additive and it can also be used as a water reducing agent in concrete mixes.


14 oz./cubic yard