Natural stone, tile and concrete are excellent choices for durability. Although stone can withstand the test of time, it does require some maintenance. It is not impervious to spills and heavy foot traffic. These things can cause discoloration, chipping, etching and ultimately make stone and concrete look dull. When flooring starts to look worn, it is time for a professional deep clean, polish and resealing of the stone or concrete and grout. The floor maintenance company, llc has been serving southern California, Northern California and Las Vegas homeowners and commercial businesses since 2006.  While using the latest technology, the floor maintenance company provides professional advice in restoration and cleaning services to regain that shine and like new appearance to your flooring. We sell the latest environmentally friendly products to deep clean, restore and transform existing stone, tile and concrete work.  Whether your stone flooring has lost its luster and shine or you would like to create a new look, the floor maintenance company is here help!  With the latest polishing tools, staining and sealant products, you can take your dull, cracked or chipped stone and concrete floors and transform them to an updated, clean and shiny masterpiece. 

All our products are environmentally friendly with low vocs and low odor.  We have water based products that provide a safer alternative to hazardous solvent and acid based products.  Instead of the expensive process of digging out and replacing stone or concrete, create a completely new look using your existing materials.

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