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Vince DiMiceli, Owner

Being a first generation Italian-American, he got straight to work. At the age of 5, Vince began working with his father; an excellent woodworker and fine cabinetry maker. His father learned from the best craftsmen of all of Europe, passing on the importance of high quality work and continued education to his son. Vince emphasizes the importance of continual training of himself and his employees to always keep quality workmanship.

Vince has vast experience in the construction industry, covering many facets. He’s framed houses in Rancho Santa Margarita, worked for Renaissance French Doors the #1 window tinting company in the country as a top salesman, and started his own cleaning company because he saw the importance of maintaining your home/business. Vince saw a need in the industry for maintenance on all the hardscape and luxury stones installed in residential houses and commercial buildings. There are countless installers, yet no one to maintain it afterwards.

What you put into your home/business should be seen as an investment. With over 45 years of experience and 30 years building homes in Orange County, Vince views it that way and he’s here to protect it.